Monday, April 22, 2013

Second TORRENTIAL teaser!

To celebrate reaching over 400 adds on Goodreads, I decided to post the second TORRENTIAL teaser! It's a quick one, but I hope you enjoy! (Plus an announcement at the end!)

You can also read it at the lovely Romance Addict Book Blog. :)


“You affect me in ways you cannot imagine,” Sebastian says, his tone ravaged. “I bury things by being cruel to people, but…it hasn’t worked with you."

I can feel the heat radiating from his body. He draws me in and then his lips are on mine. The impact knocks me from this planet to the next. My eyes fly open and then sink closed as the impossibly perfect sensation starts at my lips, white-hot, and spreads over me like fire. I’ve lost track of time, of the ability to breathe. He’s controlling himself, but barely—beneath the surface of the kiss I can sense something endlessly black and roiling, pure passion, and I want to be consumed by it—

His arm slides over my back and our bodies are pressed together, his chest hard and powerful, his heartbeat nearly outstripping mine. My skin is alight. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was glowing. I feel animal-hungry, and his lips move against mine like he could rip out my very soul—

Then he breaks away. It’s like having the oxygen torn from my lungs. I gasp, touching my swollen lips. “Sebastian…”

“I had to." The words rip out of him. “Just once. Before."

“Before what?” I can barely catch my breath.

“I can’t let myself hurt you, May.” He stands, the pain still in his eyes. It transforms his flawless face, making him look more vulnerable. “This will be the last time I'll allow myself to speak to you."


Now for the announcement - I have a longer TORRENTIAL excerpt I'm excited to post, but first I want to reach 100 likes on my Facebook page! So, as soon as I hit 100 likes, I'll post it (and it's a steamy one!) The link to my page is here.

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  1. Wow! Can't wait to read it. The teasers were great.

  2. There will be second part please answer the end makes me believe that it can continue.
    the story is great